Give Me a Clitoris Orgasm and I’m Yours

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Having her clit sucked and licked on is one of the most sensational aspects a woman can ever have done to her. I love just laying in bed running my fingers over my clit, trying to give myself a clitoris orgasm. I have to take my time with it, though, as it feels so good that I don’t want it to be over with too soon.

Most women have their own little hot spots that they enjoy hitting while trying to give themselves an orgasm. Mine happens to be just to the left and down a bit from my clit. Sliding my finger into my pussy and getting it all nice and wet then rubbing that little hot spot can send my body into spasms as I reach clitoris orgasm. That is the most wonderful sensation I have ever had, next to a g-spot orgasm that is.

If I really want to rock my world I break out my trusty vibrator and have a round with that. Turning it on to a very slow vibrate when I start and moving it to a faster more intense setting as I get more into it. But the one thing that can guarantee me a strong clitoris orgasm is having a warm wet set of lips sucking on it. I don’t mean sucking hard and biting me, but a sensual gentle sucking as the tongue flicks back and forth over my swollen clit. That is what drives me wild every time.

I have been known to be with another woman simply for the fact that she knows how to suck on another woman’s clit. Women know exactly what to do to reach an orgasm so it’s only fitting that they would know how to give another woman the best they have ever had. I think that is why women become lesbians more often than not.

Giving another woman a clitoris orgasm is also very hot. I love feeling her thighs grip around my head as her hand entangles itself in my hair, forcing my head down into that warm wet pussy of hers. Feeling her clit in my mouth as I suck on it slowly, running my tongue around in a tight little circle almost sets me off, too. It’s the best feeling in the world to give another woman an orgasm. I have given my fair share of them to other women so I should know.

My Goodness, What a Big Granny Orgasm THAT Was!

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Have you ever wanted to go out to a club, find a nice older woman and make a granny orgasm for you? Well, there are a few things that you can try to achieve that goal of yours.

One thing you can try to do is get her all hot and bothered by sucking on her nipples. Older women love the feeling of a tongue sliding against their hard nipples as you are sucking on them. This will make their nipples stand up nice and hard for you and send signals down to their pussy, making them start to get nice and wet.

Once you have them wet it’s only a matter of time before you have a granny orgasm all over you. Think about running your hands up the insides of her thighs as you move your tongue down her stomach. Both hand and tongue coming to a conclusion at her pussy making her get even wetter than before. This will drive granny wild and have her ready to unload that hot juice for you.

When you are getting ready for your granny orgasm you should slide your tongue between her pussy lips and circle it around her clit for her. She will love this and beg you for more. Then slowly insert one finger into her dripping wet pussy and reach up to rub her g-spot. You can feel her orgasm coming by the way she starts to raise her hips against your mouth and finger. Keep sucking on her clit and fingering her g-spot and you will make her cum like never before.

Just remember that when try to make a granny orgasm by fucking her, that you shouldn’t be too rough on her. You wouldn’t want to accidently break something in the process of trying to make this granny cum. That kind of puts the whole mood down if you have to rush her to the hospital and then explain why her hip is broken by telling them you had her ankles behind her ears while fucking her and trying to make granny orgasm for you.

Whatever way you choose to fuck a granny, you should be able to get her to orgasm pretty quickly with a large amount of foreplay ahead of time. Just remember that you can only get out what you put into something like this. The more effort you put into it, the harder the granny will cum for you.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for a Hot Teen Orgasm!

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hot-blonde-teen-orgasmWho doesn’t like to see a hot teen orgasm? They are so wild when they reach that moment during sex when everything you do is hyper sexual. Everything from sliding your cock deep into their pussies to sucking on their clits becomes so much more when they are getting ready to cum for you. The best ones are the ones who throw their heads back and scream your name out loud like a banshee. Watching a hot teen cum is one of those things every guy should try to see at least once in his lifetime.

What is even better is when YOU are the one who is making a hot teen orgasm. Spending the time to get her so hot and wet that just running a finger down her arm makes her quiver and moan for you is so worth it. Then taking her in your arms and having her lay on top of you so you can watch her cum as she rides your stiff cock. Now that is an experience you should try for yourself. Getting to reach up and play with her tits as she grinds that pussy against you. Taking your cock deep inside her aching pussy making you go in even deeper as she tosses her hair around. That is the making of a good hot teen orgasm right there.

But like any other woman you might want to get to cum you should always remember to give lots and lots of oral foreplay. Not just a peck on the cheek and straight to the fucking. Make her feel every sensation as you slide your tongue all over her body. Let her enjoy having her clit in your mouth as you gently suck on it while sliding a finger or two deep inside her pussy.

If you do it just right you can have that hot teen orgasm for you over and over again. Multiple orgasms usually mean that she will want to have sex with you more often, and you will never be left at home on a Friday or Saturday night all by yourself, stroking your cock to an old porn movie. Get that hot teen to cum by putting a little bit of effort into it and you can count on the fact that she will be looking for you every time she gets horny. Take some time to learn some new things for every time she comes back, too. That will keep her cumming back for more.

Foreplay is the Key to Great Hot Mature Orgasms

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If you are looking for the best sex you have ever had, then you should look for a hot mature woman. These women know all about having a hot mature orgasm. They know just the right things to do to get them, too. Mature women have the experience and the sexual urge to make you want to scream for them to stop. They can never get enough and are always on the lookout for a younger man with the stamina to please them.

Mature women love foreplay and can spend hours upon hours giving and receiving oral sex. They love the feel of a nice hard cock sliding between their lips as you run your tongue over their clits for them. Making them moan in pleasure is an easy thing to do if you know how to take your time and do things right.

Making a hot mature orgasm is like making a fine wine. First, you have to take the time to cultivate the grapes and then let them ferment into something that is extraordinary. Just like wine, taking your time and making sure that she is enjoying herself is a must. You can never just rush in and make her cum with a snap of your fingers. When you take your time to give her a hot mature orgasm you will be rewarded with some of the best sex you could ever imagine having in your life.

Mature women will literally bend over backwards to help get you off so there is no question that you should do the same for them. Give them everything they could want and more and you will come to see that a hot mature orgasm is just the beginning of something very special and extremely hot.

Make sure you ask them the things they enjoy the most. Nothing says hot sex like giving a mature woman everything she needs to have one hot mature orgasm after another. They love the kissing and rubbing of bodies, too. Make sure you take the time to learn how her body will respond, and then give her all of those things that will make her explode with pleasure. She won’t stop thinking about it for days to come. If you can achieve this, you will be sure to have a mature woman that is ready and willing for you anytime you are in need of hot sex.

Female Orgasm Facts

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Yes, it’s true women masturbate, too. Although they may not feel the same physical urgency to masturbate as us guys (at least not as often as guys), girls definitely experience sexual arousal, particularly during puberty. It is often not only a physical experience but an emotional one as well. Remember all of those screaming, crying girls at the Beatles’ concerts? That was a heavily hormone-influenced response. Many women, whether they have masturbated or not, feel embarrassed or ashamed about masturbation.

It is not usually a subject shared with your girlfriends. Some girls, anxious to please their boyfriend or to try expressing their own sexuality, will have sexual intercourse long before they are ready to deal with the emotional impact that goes with it. Masturbation is a healthy way for females to satisfy their sexual feelings and learn about their own sexual response. It is particularly important for a woman to understand her own body and sexual response, because it is not something that will be learned from a male lover – another mistake many of us make.

I’m sure there have been some men out there who have enlightened their female lovers, but I think most women would be safer not to depend on it. For this reason, it is not surprising that many women have been sexually active for years with male lovers but have never experienced an orgasm. This is a tragedy and it definitely reinforces the importance of a woman being in touch with her own body and sexual response.

Dream Fantasy

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I’m a born horny girl and I don’t mind saying so. Here’s the video of how I got started masturbating when I was younger. I was staying at Jane’s house one night watching telly with her and her brother Max who was about 26. I’ve long had a crush on him but he just never seemed interested back in me. I could see that Jane had fallen asleep and it was only me and Max that were watching TV. We were sat together and he told me he had a surprise installed for me in his bedroom. I didn’t object to such an idea.

When we got there, I went to lie down on the couch and then fell asleep. Basically he let me use his bed to sleep. What a true gentleman. Anyway, I lied down on his bed while he’s asleep and started fantasising about us fucking. Much to my surprise, I found a toy under the duvet which I started using immediately. I took off my clothes and started masturbating myself.

Now I could picture me and him at it together. I saw myself sitting on his lap. As I laid down, he had his two big arms wrapped around my body. At this point I knew my fantasy would go on for some time to come. Anyway, we laid like that for a bit when he moved his right arm upun my breasts. I didn’t resist him or anything because I sort of liked it. Soon enough, his left arm moved to my leg before he began rubbing it and gradually moved his hand between my sexy legs.

I didn’t do anything but froze. After a couple of minutes of him rubbing me, my body loosened up and I laid there enjoying his every touch. I knew he was loving it too because I could now feel him getting hard underneath me. Me and Max were at it for about half an hour when I couldn’t hold myself back no more. I made a loud noise and work Jane up. I quickly jumped off and went downstairs to join her. It was darky and fortunately she didn’t see the wet spot on my pyjamas.

I opened my eyes and saw everyone asleep, Jane and Max. It was not fantasy or anything. In fact it’s just a dream, a dream in which I had a fantasy. Might sound confusing but it was good fun!

Hot Blondie Plays Herself To Explosive Orgasm

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Now this blondie is without much doubt a born horny slut. She loves spending time in the bedroom with herself fingering her way to 7th heaven. I don’t know how often she masturbates but can easily tell that she’s the sort of girl any man would want to have fun with. Enjoy!

Brunette Bird Gives Herself A Huge Orgasm

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This brunette is quite honestly very hot and to watch her giving herself an orgasm is such a turn on. She really knows a thing or two when it comes to making herself cum and you wouldn’t believe such a decent looking girl like her can be this horny!

2 Lesbians try to out squirt each other

This is insane. On a glass table, 2 lesbians try to out squirt each other. What starts off with a little dildo fun with a small squirt, then comes the blonde lady squirting like never before! The spray goes everywhere haha. Then the brunette girl takes the lead with so much squirting action, which is then added to a glass which is then drank by both girls. The video ends with a guy coming in and getting a blow job.

Housewife masturbates to orgasm

Although the quality of the video isn’t that great, this hot housewife plays with her pussy until the sticky cum just flows of of her pussy. After the housewife masturbates to orgasm her hubby comes in, gets a blow job then fucks her.

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